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Our events & tastings

Wine & Such holds small tastings in our shop. Follow us on instagram for updates.

We also can come to you to host a private tasting at your house or event space. Drop us an email at
These are completely customisable, the vineyard is your limit!

Reviews from our past tastings

"Great wines and great food on the natural wine tasting evening. Really fun night. Steph (owner) knows her wine, and she and her husband were really lovely people."

"Such an amazing wine tasting! Informative but not stuffy, interesting and new wines but affordable, and an amazing way to meet some neighbours. I left full and tipsy -- such a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. Can't recommend enough!"

"Perfect hosts – everything was spot on; the environment, presentation, wine, and food. Great value too and we really couldn’t have had a better time."

  • A New Fashioned Wine Tasting
    09 Feb, 19:00 – 21:00
    Simple Shape, Ashby Mews, London SE4 1TB, UK
    Ever looked past a wine because the label isn't cool enough or thought the region is a bit dull? Or how about painting a grape varietal as boring, because you know, that bad glass you had once? Come discover that old is new again.
  • Grapes Outside the Box
    18 Feb, 19:30 – 21:30
    The Find Store, 133 Burnt Ash Rd, London SE12 8RA, UK
    With over 6000 wine grape varities, why stick to the big international varietals? Take a dive into some unknown grapes- after all, variety is the spice of wine!
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